ENLIGHTENED ACHIEVEMENT is an international training and employee development organization. We are experts at helping individuals and organizations achieve outstanding performance and successfully realize their goals through our enlightened seminars, keynotes, and coaching.

“Patricia, Enlightened Achievement’s founder & CEO, literally empowered her participants…. personal obstacles to sales success were overcome, be they perception or reality. Her work is insightful, mindful and sustainable.  Having experienced a session with Patricia, I was reminded of the power and necessity that personal development plays throughout our careers, life journey…..no matter how long you have been in sales this is a winner, treat yourself, you deserve it!"      
Corinne Schindler, RBC Mortgage Specialist

We start with the core – the attitudes, spirit and best practices of individuals that engender commitment, accountability and a deep sense of purpose to the work.  We empower your employees with the most current and results-oriented skills that yield consistently high levels of performance.  Through this process we have enhanced the growth of Fortune 500 companies, private businesses, and crown corporations worldwide.

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• Inspire, enlighten and motivate your staff

• Develop the highest degree of skill at all levels

• Engage the heart, enhance the spirit and maximize employee potential

• Focus on the achievement of your vision, values and goals

What others have said:

"Patricia’s charisma coupled with her sensitivity and insight made these sessions powerful and provocative. At a personal level, lives were changed…people felt renewed and inspired. At a professional level our group became a team….."
T. Theemes, Kompan.

"Our business has grown here by 25% in the past 6 months due in large part to your management training – our managers are so much more effective…"
V.P Nokia, China