At ENLIGHTENED ACHIEVEMENT, we offer a variety of courses, covering many areas of business and personal training. Below is a selection of these; for a printer-friendly version, please click here

1. Personal Effectiveness

·    Personal Empowerment –Thinking/Beliefs/Mindset

·        Managing Stress

2.  Programs for Developing Sales Staff

·        Exceptional Selling Skills - ESS

·   Coaching the Exceptional Sales Person

·        Key Account Development Strategies

·   Selling with Style – (How to sell to each personality style)

·        Fearless Negotiating

·   Exceptional Presentations

3. Programs for Developing Customer Service/Administrative Staff

·        World Class Service

·        Exceptional Telephone Skills

·        Problem Solving and Decision Making

·        Managing Conflict

·        Exceptional Communication Skills

4. Programs for Developing Teams

·        Team Cohesion – Building the Exceptional Team

·        Team ChallengesHands-on Team-Building Exercises

·        Exceptional Communication Skills

5. Programs for Managers

·         The Exceptional Manager

·         The Exceptional Coach

·         The Exceptional Leader

·         Problem Solving and Decision Making

·         Effective Meetings and Time Management

·         Performance Appraisal System

6. Programs for Executives

·    The Enlightened Leader 

·    Leading with Vision, Purpose, Values and Goals

·    Executive Retreat – Becoming the Vertical Leader – an opportunity for renewal and refocus

·    Ethics in Business

7. Personal Development Programs

·        Living Life on Purpose – Determine your Life’s Direction

·        Creating your Personal  Vision-Board

·        Wellness Retreat – Yoga, Nutrition, Fitness, Emotional Well-being

·       Creating a Balanced Life

·      More Power to You – examine and transform beliefs

·       Meditation  for relaxation and stress relief

This program can be one day or a weekend retreat


Customized Programs can be developed to suit the needs of the organization or department.