At ENLIGHTENED ACHIEVEMENT we have developed a range of programs designed for maximum impact, while retaining flexibilty in order to tailor to individual corporate needs.

  • Program Specifics

    The foundation of each program is the belief in the value of each individual and their potential which, when developed fully, serves all levels of the organization. As well as the critical skills, each program focuses on the heart of the individual, the values, beliefs and sense of purpose, and the thinking that can power their own achievement.Issues of self management are addressed, leading to a greater understanding and acceptance of the individual’s strengths and weaknesses and how they contribute to the whole. The programs are highly interactive, making effective use of participant workbooks, DVD’s, single skills practice, role plays and group work. Central to every program is the quality of the learning experience for each participant.

  • Customized Programs

    We recognize that all organizations are not the same – each has its own vision, its own culture and methods of doing business.  While there are many similar global factors that challenge businesses today, we also recognize the uniqueness of each organization and the different regional and internal forces affecting it.  Training materials, role plays and facilitation can be customized to suit every organization’s needs.

  • The Trainers

    All programs are led by highly experienced trainers who have both a track record in and a commitment to creating learning experiences that are powerful, relevant and results oriented.  They are excellent models of the concepts they present, and bring to the training the ability to draw out the best in participants.

  • Follow-up

    Reinforcement of the initial training is important to ensure that the skills and attitudes are integrated in the individual and the organization.  Review sessions and one on one coaching can be conducted following the training.