ENLIGHTENED ACHIEVEMENT's clients are effusive in their praise:

"Patricia Healey is an exceptional facilitator – she ranks as one of the best I have worked with. She creates a learning environment that is dynamic, inspirational, informative, yet humorous. Her seminars are highly interactive – everyone is involved and committed before long. She has a way of professionally drawing out the best in even the most hesitant participant. She understands and connects with the diverse cultural needs of the regions in which she works, especially the needs of the companies and individual participants in China. Participants always commented on how well she could relate with them and their challenges….."

Danny Sun, President
Beijing, China

"Patricia’s management and leadership programs were so effective they became part of Motorola University’s curriculum. The results of the training are amazing – the management and leadership skills are being applied in the workplace daily and managers are more confident, make quicker and better decisions and are better able to motivate and lead their staff – everyone seems happier. Participants in the sessions were inspired by her command of the subject matter and her ability to communicate to people at all levels - and they felt she touched their hearts….."

Carol Yu, H.R. Manager,
Beijing, China

"Patricia Healey proved to be a highly motivating speaker presenting an exceptional learning approach …refreshing….excellent presentation…..learned tons....  "

Susan Trask, V.P.,
Arcona Health, Canada

"Patricia – you demonstrated exceptional skills in training, motivation, patience and understanding. You provided strong insights into the sales process both from a theory perspective but more importantly from your own successful selling experiences. You made sure everyone was able to progress at their own rate without embarrassment – you have my highest recommendation."

David Schwartz
Guardian Group of Funds

"I can’t begin to explain the absolutely tremendous impact your selling system has had on our company….the value you pack into this course is something you really appreciate after using it for some time. Each day some point you made in class will come into focus to help me solve another challenge. And the attitudinal part of your program has helped me individually in sports as well as at work…."

Geoff Palmer
Production Helicopters

"You immediately recognized the areas our staff required reinforcement in and instituted a program that addressed our needs and most importantly obtained the commitment of both management and staff to the learning…"

E.H. Williams
B.C. Hydro

"Ever since Patricia Healey (ENLIGHTENED ACHIEVEMENT) first graced our training room with her presence in the year 2008, when she first conducted a training session on Personal Empowerment, employee training has taken on a new dimension in our company. Patricia has been able to infuse our employees with a thirst for knowledge and an enthusiasm never seen before.  A solid partnership in human development is developing here between Patricia Healey and this company."

Hugh Dougan
H.R. Manager
St. Vincent, W.I.